Machinery Repairs

General Repairs

Receive efficient farm machinery repairs from our talented team. Serving clients throughout North Yorkshire and beyond, we specialise in welding, straightening, strengthening, and fabrication. It’s often best to repair old equipment, as you may save money in the long run. All types of agricultural machinery are surveyed, and we often create new parts to suit your needs. Based near Northallerton, we are always happy to help whenever you need it

Industry Expertise

With a vast amount of experience in the industry, we undertake a range of services. Several kinds of welding are provided, and we possess a 100-tonne press brake for plate bending. A 50-tonne press is also available for straightening and pressing bearings, hubs etc. Further to this, we have 3 lathes, a radial drill, and numerous other equipment. We are also able to perform a range of repairs on site with our well equipped van.

AD Plant Maintenance

Anaerobic Digester Maintenance

This is a new technology and as usual has teething troubles. It’s very very difficult to get it right first time but we have a huge advantage over the original designers, it's called hind sight. We have lots of experience with farm machinery repairs and upgrades and much of this kit is little different to what we've always done. See the light coloured section in the pic. This farmer says "this mod saves me a lot of back ache shovelling shit”.

Macerator Repairs

We have on several occasions had distorted casings on these macerators due to over pressure. We have devised a method to square these up on site with only the door and a few bolts removed.

We cut the end out of this new shredder drum in order to upgrade it only to find that the makers had already done it. See the plate inside, this is an addition to previous drums and should be much better but the drum will still wear out. We have recently aquired some used drums and intend to upgrade them, better than the new ones, stock them, and offer them on a service exchange basis. Please see next pic, an upgraded drum with much heavier end plate, set in a little, and much bigger welds.

Fercell Bomatic Rotorcrex hammer facings in Chromium Carbide complete with bolts and lock washers, £520 per pare plus VAT etc. One of our customers has had several sets of these and is very pleased.

This is a section of original pipework on a slurry separator which was continuously blocking. We designed, made and installed a new section of pipe work and it's much better now.

Reconditioned and balanced Rotorcrex Rotor available on service exchange. All worn places have been built up with high chrome steel or high carbon steel. Prices and other AD maintainance tips to follow, watch this space or ring 01609 773607.

Rotorcrex Mill, liner, greater bars and hammer facings in chromium carbide.