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FAQ’s About Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop and General Pawn Concerns

FAQ’s About Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop and General Pawn Concerns

Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop FAQ’s

Matter: What are your store hours?
Response: We are available through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:15 pm monday. We’re open MostSaturdays from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, Although periodically we do close on Saturday. Please call prior to decreasing for Saturday hours. Closed many major vacations.

Concern: just how much does the mortgage expense?
Response: the Ohio Department of Commerce, and Division of finance institutions control all prices and charges charged by pawn shops.

Matter: What would be the loan prices?
Response: All prices and charges are strictly controlled because of the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of banking institutions. The prices for the pawn loan are 6% per or any part of a thirty days along with a $6 storage space fee monthly month.

Concern: Can I pawn one or more product?
Response: There’s no restriction towards the items or deals you’ll have in the past.

Concern: Is Uncle Ben’s state certified?
Response: Pawn stores into the State of Ohio are strictly controlled by State, City, County, and Federal regulatory agencies. Pawn Brokers have state, regional and national industry associations which work faithfully toward self-policing the industry. When it comes to general public businesses, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission could be put into every one of the other agencies that oversee the industry.

Concern: Can I get rates over the telephone?
Response: because of numerous variations and condition of things, certain costs can just only be acquired in individual, but we encourage you to definitely call us. Often we are able to provide a “ballpark” price on your own product.

General Pawn FAQ’s

History of Pawn
Pawn financing just isn’t a home based business. In reality, some reports trace pawn loans straight right back at the very least 3,000 years to China that is ancient well as Greek and Roman civilizations. Continue reading